Technology Transfer projects


YouOpera è un applicazione per iPad che permette la visualizzazione dei dati rappresentanti i dettagli dei macchinari in una catena di montaggio.

rss reader

YouReader RSS è un applicazione multipiattaforma che permette di visualizzare notizie da feed, sviluppata tramite HTML5, CSS3, JQuery mobile e phonegap. YouReader RSS è supportata da Android, Iphone e BlackBerry.

Soft CSP Library

Softlib is a JaCoP's extension for the implementation of soft constaints in the JaCoP's environment. The aim of this product is to give to the programmer the possibility to playing with weights keeping, in the very low level, a completely crisp environment.

Constraint-based Argumentation solver

ConArg is a tool, based on Constraint Programming, that is able to solve various problems related to the (Weighted) Abstract Argumentation Frameworks (AFs). Constraint Satisfaction Problems (CSPs) offer a wide number of efficient techniques (as inference and search algorithms) that can tackle the complexity in finding all the possible Dung’s conflict-free, admissible, complete, stable, preferred and grounded extensions in AFs. Moreover, we can use the tool to solve some computationally hard problems presented in [1]. To implement ConArg, we have used JaCoP, a Java library that provides the user with a Finite Domain Constraint Programming paradigm. ConArg can randomly generate two different kinds of small-world networks, in order to find the desired extensions over such interaction graphs.